Working with AMS

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Work Order Checklist (WOCL)/ RFQ Checklist

Advanced Machining Services is committed to mutual long-term prosperity with our customers and their machining needs. In order to ensure Quality Through Commitment and to meet our customer requirements, Advanced Machining Services requires the following to begin a work order:

  1. Purchase order with the part number, drawing revision level, quantity, pricing, payment terms, delivery, and ship to requirements (such as F.O.B. or C.O.D. and release information).
  2. A current drawing at the correct drawing revision level, and in PDF format.
  3. Solid models in SLDPRT, IGES, or STEP format.
    Note: Advanced Machining Services can create solid models for you at an additional cost.
  4. Complete material specification with a clear expectation of raw materials (i.e. type of steel or aluminum) and including any outside process requirements.

Any delays in proper documentation will affect the original delivery schedule. Customer changes that alter the process will be considered a change to the order and invoiced on a time and materials basis, which may alter the original committed delivery schedule.

Advanced Machining Services is committed to a standard 4-week lead time for all our machining jobs. If you require a shorter lead time, we will review your requirements and confirm if we can meet them. We are committed to delivering your parts on time and will work with you to meet your long-term needs.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at (541) 617-9500.

Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership (OMEP)

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